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Quanta Evo Q Plus C


The Quanta Q Plus C is known as the ONLY true 3-wavelength Q-switched system that can directly target a large ink color spectrum. As such, the Plus C holds a positive reputation as an acclaimed tattoo removal laser. The Quanta Q Plus C is truly the gold standard in tattoo removal treatment lasers.

The three laser wavelengths in this system (Nd:YAG 1064/532 & Ruby 694) can successfully treat tattoo ink colors such as dark blue, black, red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, sky blue, green and violet inks. The starting point of any laser in the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series is a powerful Q-switch active laser that ensures not only a great versatility but also great power. The Quanta Q-Plus EVO series is not just a tattoo-removal laser; it is the ultimate platform laser with ultimate choice.  No other laser in world can offer the versatility, power or specifications that the Quanta Q-Plus series can offer. It is a well-known and clinically proven fact that active Q–switch lasers are better than passive Q–switch lasers.

In addition, the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series does not rely on Dye hand-pieces; which are expensive to run and do not offer sufficient power to treat multi-colored tattoo’s effectively

This combination of energy delivery to the tissue enables a highly efficient photo-acoustic effect, of either the pigmented lesion or the tattoo. This short-pulse, high-energy output also reduces the thermal interaction of the tissue. A photoacoustic effect targets ink and pigment with no thermal interaction, thus leaving the surrounding skin preserved. 

 The bigger the thermal interaction, the more loss of energy making the treatment less efficient and potentially causing more damage to the skin. The unwanted tattoo or pigments that have been hit by the high-energy pulse are fragmented and then removed by the body’s own natural defense mechanism, a process called phagocytosis. 

Many systems on the market today advertise a passive Q-switch - which cannot deliver a short enough pulse to make tattoo-removal and pigment-removal easy. No other series of lasers removes more colors of tattoo.

PicoSure Laser

We proudly use PicoSure the world’s first picosecond laser for mostly effective black, brown, red, orange color tattoo removal. PicoSure removes your unwanted ink more effectively than ever before, successfully removing difficult colors as well as previously treated tattoos. Fewer treatments, faster recovery time, and greater results are now achievable with PicoSure. PicoSure utilizes PressureWave technology to shatter ink into particles that are 1,000 times smaller than the majority of tattoo removal lasers. The ink is then encapsulated and eliminated, resulting in clearer skin in fewer treatments, without damaging the surrounding skin. How Pricing is Determined: During your consultation your tattoo will be scored on a variety of variables(Age, Color, Saturation, Location, etc). Your tattoo score determines the number of sessions needed for your removal. This will establish how much your payment plan will be. Mini-Tattoos(<1 Sq. In.)(ie. Ring Tattoos): $50 per Session

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