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Cancellation Policy



There is a $25 charge for missed appointments, Kindly call 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 



Polices are important to any good establishment to make sure there is a smooth and working  schedule and experience. Down bellow we list all the expectations we have from our clients in order to be able to service you to the best of our abilities. All clients are required to follow these policies.


  • All appointments scheduled should arrive on time or 5-10 minutes early: We allow for a 10 minute grace period but the time lost will not be made up. You are responsible for ensuring you receive the full time of your appointment by getting undressed in a timely manner.

  • When scheduling your treatment take into consideration your Cycle by bringing a pair of underwear.

  • No individual apart from the patient getting treatment is allowed in any of the treatment rooms.

  • The use of cellphones is prohibited while receiving treatment, phones must be on vibration/silent mode.

  • Changing and bathroom breaks should be done quickly, therapists are not required to assist you in those times


  • If taking a treatment package, the sessions must be completed within its assigned time frame, If sessions are not completed within that time frame, they will be LOST or can be continued with a 50% charge per session

  •  *2-3 Sessions per week are REQUIRED in order to maintain consistency and ensure satisfactory results. We always recommend booking sessions in advance to ensure you are able to meet these requirements.

     6 Sessions: 2-3 Weeks: Must be paid          off by the 3rd visit 

     3 Sessions: 1-3 Weeks: Must be paid          off by the 2nd visit  



  • If you’re more than 10 Mins late, the appointment will be rescheduled and be considered cancelled with a $25 fee.

  • RLSC does send confirmation text the day before your appointment, if there is no confirmation your appointment will be open for others to schedule and will be considered cancelled with a $25 fee.

  • If there are cancellations on multiple occasions and inconsistencies with attendance RLSC reserves the right to terminate any pending appointments.

  • There will be a $25 cancellation/ Rescheduling Fee, that will be charged for each appointment missed on the next payment. No-Shows are also covered under this fee.

  • If unable to attend your appointment due to a medical emergency we will need either a doctor's note/clearance to resume treatment. 

  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the no-show/Rescheduling Fee including personal emergencies or traffic . No show fees and Rescheduling  are NOT carried over to future appointments or applied towards future treatments. This fee is non-refundable.



  • All products must be paid in-full the same day.

  • ALL payments with a credit/debit card are subject to a  Convenience fee of  1.5%

  • Payments must be paid the day in which it was agreed in the payment log, If failed to pay the agreed amount by that date, a $10 charge will be added to payment. 

  • Once payment is made there are NO refunds or exchanges for packages, products, or services.




  • Our staff is qualified to perform various professional treatments. Be respectful and refrain from harsh comments and unwelcome insinuations. For any concerns please speak to our Spa Director. 

  • Refrain from harassing / making customers or staff uncomfortable. Deliberate repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive or adversely impacts staff work performance will not be tolerated

  • We may ask for Pictures or Videos taken before and after to be publicized in any of our social media accounts  (IG, FB, Yelp) *Face, private parts, tattoos, beauty marks, jewelry will be covered or removed to maintain the privacy of patients. We will notify you if you are chosen as potential media*

  • Conversations should be kept minimal and quiet, respectful to other patients.  We want to ensure quality procedures and a respectful environment for each of our patients as well as our staff. 

Failure to comply with these policies will result in the termination of procedure or treatments without a refund.   *There are not refunds, transfer, or exchanges*

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