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Chemical peel


Microdermabrasion is a popular cosmetic procedure works on both the outer layer of the skin or epidermis as well as the deep layer of the skin or dermis. Our crystal and diamond Microdermabrasion both offer similar skin exfoliation benefits but the process between two is slightly different. So, to continue the analogy, if crystal microdermabrasion is like sandblasting the skin, diamond-tip microdermabrasion is like using sandpaper. Most patients require between four and eight sessions for optimal results. 

The average cost of microdermabrasion is approximately $175, however, the price of a session can range from $75 to $200.

Microneedling devices intentionally create very superficial " micro-injuries" to the other most layer of the skin, including the healing process/ new collagen production. Micro-needling has been shown to reduce the visibility of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, diminish hyper pigmentation, and improve skin tone and texture. resulting in smoother, firmer, younger- looking skin. Skin needling treatments are performed in a safe and precise manner with the sterile devices and are normally completed within 30-60 minutes, depending on the selected area. Although the number of sessions can vary, most people need three to six sessions for optimal results. With this in mind, you may spend anywhere from $500 to $999 overall.

 A chemical peel involves the application of toxic chemical solutions to the skin in a controlled manner, producing controlled tissue death. The desired depth of the wound is dependent upon the condition to be treated. After the peel, the skin regenerates. The damaged skin regenerates from deeper layers of the epidermis and from the superficial dermis. Chemical peels work best for people who are experiencing hyper-pigmentation, textured skin, discoloration, and acne scarring. A chemical peel is a chemical exfoliation process that penetrates deeper in the skin in order for the top layers of the skin to start shedding. This process stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover to reveal new, fresh skin. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration and scars typically on the face. Chemical peels range from $100-$3000, depending on the treatment.

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